Affiliate Program Destination Big Bear

Whether you are a social media influencer, business owner, homeowner, or just a supporter of Destination Big Bear, the Affiliate Program Destination Big Bear is a great way to generate a passive income while generating bookings and benefiting from additional perks to becoming an affiliate of Destination Big Bear!

1) Affiliate Program Destination Big Bear- Influencer Collaborations

Are you a vlogger, highly followed social media influencer, Vacation Rental Homeowner or professional photographer or videographer looking for the perfect background for your next photo shoot? Are you interested in making a passive income? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you! Our Marketing team is looking for Influencers! We’ve grown our reputation as Big Bear’s highest-rated vacation rental and are so excited to be able to offer this opportunity to you. Take advantage of one of our breathtaking cabins for the weekend and create the perfect Instagram-worthy post in one of our stunning homes. When your post is ready to be uploaded, all you have to do is tag us in it. It’s as simple as that! We build a page featuring your stay on our website, and you make commission! Each Influencer/Collaborator gets their own personal URL link which has an encrypted code on it that tracks any booking/referral from the affiliate‘s social pages, emails, and websites to us. When the user clicks that tracked link and books on Destination Big, the affiliate gets paid 5%. Yes! We do have bookings that are over $20,000.00, that means one booking can earn you $1000.00! All you have to do is post the link to your website or on your social media channels tagging Destination Big Bear as a lodging partner! There are so many great opportunities awaiting our collaborators and we would love for you to experience them! Unsure whether or not this opportunity is right for you? Keep reading to see how other influencers have taken full advantage of being an affiliate with Destination Big Bear.


Examples of our Past Influencer Collaborations

Our team has hosted Affiliate Marketers in the past. Travis Mathews marketing team took photos of new apparel. Also, we hosted Manolo Teaches golf for his Birthday. You can find their examples below. While they were in the cabin, they posted to their Social Media and tagged our company.

Travis Mathew in Big Bear

TravisMathew in Big Bear

TravisMathew in Big Bear

Destination Big Bear is excited to host the TravisMathew team to Big Bear Lake for a photoshoot in Black Rock, Founded in 2007, TravisMathew is a men’s golf apparel brand established in Huntington Beach. This versatile, men’s clothing brand takes its inspiration from beautiful Southern California, offering the best performance clothing for the game. Check out their website for more info. The TravisMathew team stayed in Black Rock,  Black Rock is perched on one of Big Bear’s finest views in the exclusive High Timber Ranch neighborhood in UpperMoonridge, just 6 minutes from Bear Mountain. Black Rock is a luxury retreat sits on the San Bernardino National Forest border and was purposefully designed to bring you and your guests into balance with nature without sparing any comforts! When you enter Black Rock, you’ll be greeted by soaring 2 story vaulted ceilings and the master-built stained pine and alder beamed details will take your breath away. The games room has just about everything you could imagine. At the center is a professional 9ft championship grade pool table and anchoring the space is the Black Rock Bar!

Manolo in Big Bear

Our team was so excited and honored to host Manolo Vega at one of our cabins for his birthday weekend! Manolo Vega is a passionate golf instructor that rose to fame over his quirky instruction videos on Instagram @manoloteachesgolf. He became the new golf sensation on social media, teaching amateurs and pros alike tips and tricks for a better game of golf. Manolo now has over 113K followers on Youtube, Manolo Teaches Golf. His videos showcase his experience in the game all while adding a comedic flair to his instructions making the game that much more fun to learn!


2) Affiliate Program Destination Big Bear- Homeowners

Do you own a Vacation Rental in Big Bear?  Are you interested in making more money with Destination Big Bear? We are excited to share our Affiliate Marketing program with you! Do you have a social media account or a website? Our team will provide you with a link to promote on your social media accounts or on a website you manage. This is a good way to make money even if your rental is booked and this will help other owners that need more bookings. Get money back per booking! Do not worry, If this opportunity is not for you and you want more bookings you can still participate. You can join our Give-Away program. Our marketing team will need homes for Affiliate Marketers like Travis Mathews, Tori Spelling, Manolo Teaches Golf, and many others. We will provide a home for a few hours or a few nights depending on the needs of the opportunity. When Affiliate Marketers stay at your home, they will promote the listing and this will increase the number of views to your home and will lead to an increase in bookings.

How does the Homeowner Affiliate Program work?

We have made each home a customized URL. Anytime this link is used by a guest to book your cabin, Destination Big Bear will only charge 15% commission instead of your normal published commission rate. Use this link on your Youtube, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram accounts.  Yes! You heard that right. Share your link, earn money back from your generated bookings! If a guest does not book your home, but makes a booking for another home and it comes from your link, you get $50 for that booking!

This custom URL Affiliate Program is also used by our marketing team to attract bookings from Big Bear local businesses, partners, influencers, and so much more! Implementing useful marketing techniques to promote your rental home is very important to us and we can’t wait to hear from each of you on what we can do to better our services and generate more bookings as we come into the busy season!

For more info about opportunities to market your rental home Check Out This HOMEOWNER MARKETING INFO PAGE

3) Affiliate Program Destination Big Bear- Business Owners

What is the Business Affiliate Program? What are the benefits?

We are trying to encourage our homeowners and guests to support local businesses across the valley! Using our Website  blog page and Constant Contact Address lists, we post information out to over 95K contacts every month. These guests and homeowners view our highlighted businesses in these blog pages and information pages that are cross referenced across google for people who are not in our contact lists.
How does this benefit your business? Are you new? Are you experiencing a slow shoulder season and need more help marketing to off-the-hill guests? Look no further than Destination Big Bear! We are here to help in any way we can! If you have an event at your business or have a discount code you would like to provide to our guests, we will ensure your business gets highlighted in our marketing plan!
In addition to exposure for you on our platforms, you will refer clients to Destination with your provided affiliate ID URL and we will track and pay commission on your guest reservations. 5% commission per booking generated from your affiliate link. Paid at the end of the month. Thus, generating common wealth between local businesses and Destination Big Bear. After all, to enjoy Big Bear’s amenities and attractions, they will need a cozy place to stay! So why not Destination Big Bear?
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