Acorn Crafts in Big Bear Lake

We all come to the mountains for different reasons, whether it’s for a weekend stay at a vacation rental in Big Bear Lake or to move and call the area your permanent home,  it’s a great place to discover nature.  But even if you aren’t planning on moving to altitude, you can still enjoy the fresh air, cooler weather, year round fun and of course, nature at a vacation rental in Big Bear Lake.  Once here, you might just find yourself loving even the littlest things, like acorns!

Our very own Carol discovered these little gems when she moved to Big Bear Lake over a year ago.  You might just fall in love with acorn crafts in Big Bear Lake!

I. LOVE. ACORNS. I think they are just the cutest darn things ever. Am I weird? Do other people share my love of the acorn? I’m a city girl recently relocated to Big Bear and Mother Nature saw all the work I did to get here and she smiled upon me in the form of acorns, oodles of them, right outside my kitchen window. I. LOVE. ACORNS…but I have no idea what to do with them. I told my boyfriend that I wanted to gather these little loves because Mother Nature obviously put them there for me to use in some really cool Pintrest worthy project. (Not that I have ever put one of my projects up on Pintrest…I barely ever finish a project!) He said, “Really? You need another project right now? Why don’t you wait until next year?” He is absolutely right and I listened to him. Then I waited until he left and I took an empty coffee can and filled it to the brim with ACORNS! Now I have to figure out what to do with them before he finds the coffee can!


If you’ve been inspired by Mother Nature at your cabin rental in Big Bear Lake, why not pick up a few acorns to take home?  Just be sure you leave enough for the squirrels.  As it turns out, there are a lot of people who love acorns!  Here are 3 ideas for acorn crafts in Big Bear Lake!


Golden Nuggets

Add a touch of class to a bowl of acorns by turning them into golden nuggets!  Acorns naturally separate the nut from the caps when ripe.  Once you get home from your Big Bear vacation rental, simply clean and oven dry the cap and nut in the oven on low heat for several hours to make sure they are bug and pest free.  Paint the nut with gold paint and hot glue the caps back on when dry.  Seal them with a coat of shellac to make them really shine.  Perfect for layering in a try with candles, filling a tall glass container by the fireplace or add a string and make mini Christmas tree decorations!  (inspiration from LightofdayCreations on Etsy)


Put A Ring On It

A ring of acorns that is!  Dry your acorn nuts in the oven on low heat for several hours.  Let cool and hot glue the nuts onto a straw wreath.  Just shellac for a natural look, or paint your creation for a fun look!  A perfect accessory for any door, wall or fireplace!  Try adding a seasonal bow to enhance the look all year round.  Once your neighbors see your creation, you might just have to come back to a cabin rental in Big Bear Lake to collect more acorns! (inspiration from


Chocolate Acorns

If you prefer to leave nature where it lies, then consider making your own acorns out of chocolate and cookies!  Easy to do from your Big Bear cabin rental.

All you need are Hersey Kisses, chocolate or butterscotch chips, mini Nutter Butter or Vanilla Wafer cookies and melted chocolate (you can use the extra chips!) or frosting.  Unwrap the Kisses and spread a little melted chocolate or frosting on the flat side.  Top with a cookie.  Add a dab of melted chocolate or frosting to the chips and place in the middle of the cookie.  Voila! (inspiration from


Oak Tree Retreat - rent this cabin in Big Bear

Oak Tree Retreat – rent this cabin in Big Bear

Look for acorns at your vacation rental in Big Bear Lake or out on the hiking trails.  Please respect nature by not harming any trees, and of course leave enough for the animals.  There should be plenty to go around for you to make a few acorn crafts in Big Bear Lake.  Book your next getaway to the mountains and get inspired at a luxury cabin, budget friendly cabin or dog friendly cabin rental in Big Bear.  Call (909) 752-0234 and let our vacation experts help you plan your next trip.