Pro Beach Volleyball Player Lives and Trains in Big Bear!

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Over the past 10 months I have been living full time in the mountains of Big Bear, CA. Anticipating and preparing for another AVP Pro Beach Volleyball season. Little did I know how much living in Big Bear has prepared me in ways I never have experienced before. I truly believe that living at 7,300 ft elevation, above the smog, above June gloom, without all the noise and craziness that is in LA, this is the best thing I could have done for my career on the beach. I found a place to call home, I found elevation training, and most of all I found balance in the craziness that is the life of a pro beach volleyball player.

Commuting down the hill to train in Hermosa Beach gets easier every chrisal engletime, and by the time I’ve gotten a few training sessions in the sand, I’m ready to get back up the mountain.  Running the path along the north shore, going for a hike, getting reps on the local sand courts, strength training at Mountain Fitness have been crucial to my condition and preparation for the 2013 season. All in all I have never felt better on a beach volleyball court than I do now, while living in the mountains. As we come up on the half way point of the AVP season, and a different city every weekend, I find myself looking forward to a couple weeks in Big Bear. The air is starting to get crisp in the mornings, the leaves are starting to change to brilliant colors, and the simple life in the mountains continues to give me the balance I’ve been looking for.

I will continue to leave everything I have on the court, I will continue to compete at the highest level, and I will continue to focus on improving every time I’m on the court. I love playing at the highest level against the best competition and athletes in the world, and I believe that my simple life in the mountains has given me a new perspective and a greater appreciation for being able to do that.

I’m thankful for my husband and all of his support, to my sponsors and friend’s who allow me to continue my dream!

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