My first Big Bear Lake Earthquake

Big Bear Earthquake

Big Bear Earthquake

I have lived in California now for 14 years and I don’t think I felt an Earthquake ever,  maybe a tremor.  But today, 7/5/2014 I felt a 4.7 Big Bear Lake Earthquake!   It was not scarey but gave me a high sense of anxiety.  Hard to explain the feeling,  it just continue to grow but it felt very slow.   I did nothing but sat at my desk (stopped working) and looked out at Bear Mountain.    My lamps on my desk rocked,  the house creaked,  my home is on a concrete foundation and I could feel it move under my feet.   The outside door is literally 5 feet from desk and I did not move instead just sat there,  my wife upstairs in the kitchen,  yelled “Get on the floor!  next to your desk”   I did not,  I just sat there looking outside wondering when it would stop.

My neighbors were sitting on their deck with their children and were yelling “WOO-HOOO”,   and were smiling.   The deck sits above their garage so I guess the worst is they could have fallen straight down 8 feet if the room collapsed.   I was not so excited but more like a deer in the headlights.   Pretty embarrassing,  I guess I need to go through some training and actual role-playing.

I am from Michigan and all my friends say “are you not scared?”,  “when you moving back?”……  I have one answer,  look at the picture from my desk today after we had a FLASH FLOOD WARNING and a 4.7 Earthquake today in Big Bear Lake.    My answer – “I am never leaving California!”

I still love you Michigan but my heart is here.


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