Personal Chef in Big Bear Lake

Chef Allen dinner party in Big Bear Lake

Chef Allan will prepare a special meal for your party in Big Bear Lake.

“Personal Chef. Personal Service.”  That’s Chef Allan’s motto and he’s been preparing delicious meals as a personal chef in Big Bear Lake for over 10 years.  Whether you have a cabin rental in Big Bear, or live here as a resident, Chef Allan will come to your home and prepare a meal for your family gathering, party or special night for you and your loved one.  You can choose from some of his trusted recipes, or you can have him prepare a family favorite.  It’s all about you as a client.  He’ll even do the dishes!

Chef Allen is your personal chef in Big Bear Lake.

Personal Chef. Personal Service. Chef Allan will make your event special even in your Big Bear Lake vacation rental.

Why hire a personal chef in Big Bear Lake?  Because it leaves more time for you to enjoy your vacation rental in Big Bear or spend time with your guests.  Allan prepares high end meals with fresh, quality ingredients and you don’t even have to leave the house, make shopping lists, or worry about the clean up.  Allan is personable, professional and most importantly, a great cook.

Allan has a natural talent for combining flavors and learned a lot about entertaining from his mom who used to cook for his father’s clients.  After several years working property management in Los Angeles, Allan decided to stay in Big Bear and offer a service that was missing.  Allan likes the flexibility of being a personal chef and working so closely with the clients to create a memorable experience. Plus, he gets to do something he loves- cook!

Chef Allen dinner party in Big Bear Lake

Chef Allan is available for fun outings on a boat at Big Bear Lake.

If you are interested in having a delicious meal prepared at your Big Bear Lake vacation rental, Allan will come to the home to survey the kitchen and make sure your meal is going to be fantastic.  “It’s all about what the home can handle” he states when asked how many people can be served.  He will have a meeting with the client in person or over the phone and work with them to customize the perfect meal.  Thanksgiving, 4th of July Barbecues and coming of age parties are just some of the special events he’s been hired for.  You can have the meal served buffet style, family style or plated and ready to eat.  Plates, glasses and cutlery can be rented if needed and linen napkins are provided.

Chef Allen dinner party in Big Bear Lake

Chef Allan is your personal chef in Big Bear Lake. Let him prepare a delicious meal for you in your vacation rental in Big Bear Lake.

Allan offers kosher meats on request, free recipes on his website and can customize meals for vegans and vegetarians.  He truly lives by his “Personal Chef. Personal Service” motto.

Enjoy a fabulous meal at your Big Bear Lake vacation rental.  Chef Allan will handle all the necessary arrangements so you can sit back and relax and enjoy the companionship of your family and guests.  Chef Allan will come to your cabin rental in Big Bear Lake and do all the work for you- from shopping to cooking to the clean up.   Call 909-547-6134 or visit his website at

To book your cabin rental in Big Bear Lake, give Destination Big Bear a call!  Our experienced, local staff will help you plan the perfect mountain getaway.  We have small, large and luxury cabins.  Let us know if you are looking for a pet friendly cabin or one close to the ski slopes or on the lakefront.  Call (909) 752-0234.    Check out his 5 star reviews at YELP


written by Nanette Murray.

Nanette Murray moved to Big Bear Lake after vacationing from Los Angeles where she lived for 3 years.  Originally from the mid-west, she has lived in numerous cities including Dallas, TX, Minneapolis, MN and Seattle, WA.  In her spare time she enjoys hiking, yoga, baking and spending time with her family and adopted Chihuahua.