Be Prepared for your Big Bear Holiday Trip

It can be work just to take a vacation and trying to remember everything you need to pick can add stress that you don’t want. Especially when feeling like you’re forgetting something, or unsure what exactly you need. Let us help you with our packing tips and a list of what exactly we provide our homes so you can be better prepared for Big Bear. If you do forget anything, or it’s something you want to purchase when you get here, we do have multiple grocery stores and shops where you can pick them up!  But first,  THREE BIG THINGS

  1. We have already checked the ovens,  but it is always good to make sure it works when you arrive.
  2. Putting warm soda and beer into a fridge may take the fridge many hours to cool down.  We suggest putting warm drinks in a cooler or outside to speed that up.
  3. You need chains for your vehicle when traveling the mountains in winter months,  make sure you buy them before you start driving up the mountain.

Each of our cabins are stocked with the basics BUT you will want to ensure you have these essentials when planning a holiday trip, especially for cooking….

  • Roasting pan or other specialty cookware
  • Baster (if you use one)
  • Food thermostat
  • Baking supplies (i.e. muffin pans, cake pans, pie pans, pie cutter, etc.)
  • CHECK YOUR OVEN as soon as you get to the home and ensure it work properly! The holidays can be very busy for our maintenance staff
  • Make sure to use heat pads before placing hot dishes on surfaces in the home, especially table tops
  • Keep your non-perishable items out of the fridge until it has had enough time to fully cool to ensure you don't encounter fridge issues
  • Not all homes have things like wine openers or stoppers, bring one with you if you might need one. You can also get these at the local grocery stores.
Things We Do Provide for Big Bear

The things that we DO provide to make it a little easier….

Each of our cabins are stocked with the basics including:

  • general furnishings
  • dishes, silverware, basic set of pots/pans and bakeware
  • TV’s
  • enough towels to meet listed occupancy (no hot tub towels)
  • bedding for each bed including pillows
  • toilet paper
  • 1 roll of paper towels
  • 5-10 trash bags
  • dish soap, dishwasher powder, dish sponge, hand soap
  • limited cleaning supplies such as sprays, brooms, dustpan, etc.
  • Fans (summer only)

Be Prepared for your Big Bear Trip


Now let’s dive into what you may want to be sure to pack…

Prepared for Big Bear


Every home has pillows for the beds, and some have throw pillows, but maybe they’re firmer than your liking? Or too soft? Too lumpy? Or not enough lump? Maybe you’re someone who has a favorite pillow to sleep on. If you are, bring it with you! Ensure that you get that perfect night’s sleep.


Just like the pillows, you’ll find each bed with the full bed set of sheets and blankets, but what about when you’re snuggling up on the couch? While you’ll find that some homes have these, most do not as it is not a standard provided item. It’s cold in the mountains right now, bring that extra piece of comfort and coziness.


Every home is equipt with shower/bath towels for the number of occupancy but that’s it. We do not supply extras, nor do we supply the extra large towels that are typically used for after getting out of the hot tub. Plus, who wants to do laundry the entire time just to continuously wash the limited supply of towels at the home? That isn’t exactly an ideal vacation activity. Bring a few extra towels to avoid the inconvenience.

Prepared for Big Bear


We do NOT supply these items, or any other shower items, in ANY of our homes.


We do not provide hair dryers, curling irons, or other styling products


We do not provide detergent or pods (or any laundry items), including irons or ironing boards.


Prepared for Big Bear


All homes come equipt with the basic necessities for pots/pans and utensils, but we have so many beautiful, gourmet kitchens that are just begging for you to use them to prepare a delicious meal for your family. If you want to prepare anything that requires specialty items such as a roasting pan or casserole dish, you’ll want to make sure to pack them!


We do not provide any spices, oils, or other food items.


While you’ll be pleased to find some form of coffee maker in the home (standard coffee pot, Keurig, etc), you’ll want to remember to bring your coffee and coffee filters! When trying to decide whether you should bring ground coffee and filters or K-Cups, be sure to look over the home’s description to see what type the home has. You can also call our office to inquire as to what kind of coffee maker the home has.


Prepared for Big Bear



After spending the day out playing in the snow and exploring all that Big Bear has to offer, unwind and relax watching movies or playing video games! While not every home provides the necessary consoles, if your home’s description states having them, then be sure to bring your favorites! Some of our homes even have an in-home movie theater! What better way than on the big screen? Be sure to give our office a call for a list of the home with in-home theaters.


While the mountains are the perfect place to disconnect with the world and reconnect with family, we understand why those items are still needed. So don’t forget the chargers! We even recommend portable chargers for on the go charging without the need of an outlet.


Nearly everyone has a camera in their pocket these days, but sometimes they just don’t do the trick. Don’t miss out on capturing those great memories or beautiful scenery, bring those cameras! But don’t forget your charger and memory card(s)!


We don’t provide the outdoor play items such as sleds, so be sure to bring one for everyone! Or pick t

hem up at the local KMART when you arrive!


Prepared for Big Bear


If your home has a wood burning fireplace/stove, you will need to provide your own

wood. There are several options of purchasing wood here in Big Bear upon arrival. Keep in mind that not all homes are wood burning, some are gas or elec

tric. Be sure to check the home’s description or call our office to find out for sure.


Destination Big Bear DOES provide propane tanks for grills that are propane, but we do NOT provide any other form of grilling supply, such as charcoal. If you get to the home and find the propane tank to be low, give the office

a call and we will exchange the tank free of charge! The home’s description can let you know what type of grill/bbq the home has. Important to note though that not all homes provide a grill/bbq

  • Refrigerator:
Our experience tells us that it can take up to 3 or 4 hours for the refrigerator to cool down, especially if warm drinks have been loaded into the fridge. If the freezer is working then the fridge is too. Put the freezer setting on about 25% coldest and the fridge side on 75% coldest setting.

While you’re here, check out our upcoming events to better plan your time here! For our full visitor’s guide, see here.