Big Bear Vacation Homes Can be work

Here at Destination Big Bear when asked how much work is a Big Bear Cabin Rental?  Our answer is,   It us up to you.   We have some home owners that live in Europe and have not seen their home in 4 years.   We have other home owners that live less than an hour away and want to be involved as much as possible because they enjoy it.   The more you are involved with your general maintenance the more money you will save.   If you own a Big Bear Cabin and you do not rent it out you will still have annual costs even if you do not visit it at all.

The city of Big Bear Lake is very aggressive about each home owner maintaining the property and will send out notices requiring home owners to do Abatement.   But just as they are aggressive with this they are also very generous and will do free trashbag/Abatement pickup.   You can have up to 17 bags of yard cleanup picked up weekly free.   This sounds awesome but keep in mind an average property can actually generate 60 bags pretty easily in the spring.   There is dead branches, leaves, plants, etc all over your property.

Destination Big Bear does have access to handyman and general laborers who we can recommend for you to help you.   Remember, even if you do not visit your home you have to take care of your property,  if not,  Big Bear Lake will take care of this and send you a bill of $500 to do this.

If you plan on coming up to your home even once a year be prepared to spend all weekend long performing maintenance items such as Window Washing,  Deck Washing,  Spring Cleaning in your homes,  Cobwebs in and outside, etc.   Renting your home out can provide you with some extra cash to be able to pay for these costs so you do not have to do this on your vacation.

Yes,  more than half of our owners perform these tasks themselves but these are the owners that visit their homes quite frequently.   If you are a home owner that comes up once a month,  I am not sure you want to spend your entire weekend cleaning or doing annual maintenance.   I nice glass of wine on the deck is usually how I liked to spends my weekends.

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