-Frequently Asked Questions for New Homeowners

Question: What is your management fee? I’m sure it varies, but can you provide some sort of range?

Answer: 27%


Question: What is your typical occupancy rate? I’m sure that varies by month but, again, any info would help.

  1. A) I can rent a home out and gross $100,000 and we make $27,000 with 250 days a year


  1. B) I can rent a home out and gross $60,000 and we make $15,000 with 120 days a year…


In each case, you might net $30,000 depending on utilities and wear and tear….   proposition A is better for me,  proposition B is better for you and a better long term solution for both of us.

The process of putting down 20% and trying to cash flow, for the most part, is over in Big Bear,  prices have gone up too much. There are many buyers that have bought homes for $500,000 in the past two years with cash, and the homes gross $60,000 and they net $30,000 after commissions, utilities, wear and tear and before property taxes (off set with depreciation). Homeowners then are very happy with $30,000 on $500,000.

75% of your revenue can be generated during the busy season from 11/15/ to 3/15…and if you plan on using it during those times…it will be tough to generate high revenue.